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Workers' Compensation

Fox and Fox Attorneys at Law, PC thriving Workers' Compensation practice is managed by Jeffrey V. Matteo, Esquire.

If you have been injured at work in Pennsylvania, and have missed at least seven days of work, then you are entitled to Workers' Compensation wage loss and medical benefits.

Because of the complexities of Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation, you should not assume that just because you received a check from your employer or its Workers' Compensation carrier, that you are being properly compensated.

We will also coordinate your entitlement to Workers' Compensation benefits with unemployment compensation, Social Security disability, short and long term disability, and retirement benefits. Your entitlement to Workers' Compensation and other benefits can be maximized through the proper timing and coordination of these benefits.

Even if you have no problem receiving ongoing wage loss and medical benefits, we will assess your claim and determine whether we will be able to improve your situation and secure all of the Workers' Compensation benefits to which you are entitled. You could also be entitled to additional benefits such as:

• Disfigurement benefits for visible scars and burns on the neck and face
• Specific loss of use benefits for the permanent loss of use of a body part or function
• Penalties, interest and/or attorney's fees.

Changes adopted by the Pennsylvania Legislature in 1996 (Act 57), give employers a variety of tools which can modify, suspend or terminate an injured worker's benefits. We will monitor your claim, at no charge, in order to successfully guide your claim through the complex provisions of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act. We take a fee only if we obtain or retain benefits for you or negotiate a lump sum settlement.

The attorneys at Fox and Fox Attorneys at Law, PC have been representing injured workers in seeking benefits following work related injuries for over eighty two years. Whether you are eligible for or are receiving Workers' Compensation benefits, we will insure that you are protected and properly compensated for benefits under the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act.

Fox and Fox Attorneys at Law, PC  represents injured workers in all stages of their Workers' Compensation claims, and successfully litigate cases before Workers' Compensation Judges, Workers' Compensation Appeal Board Commissioners and the Pennsylvania Appellate Courts.

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Workers Compensation Attorneys at Fox and Fox Attorneys at Law, PC:
Jeffrey V. Matteo, Esquire
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Joseph B. Wassel, Esquire
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Peter H. Thomas, Esquire
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