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My workers’ compensation benefits are in jeopardy, what should i do


The first thing that an injured worker should do if a Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier is attempting to terminate, suspend or modify the injured workers’ Workers’ Compensation benefits is to retain an attorney to represent them if they are not already represented. A Workers’ Compensation attorney at Fox and Fox can do the following:

1. Provide counseling and guidance to the injured worker when an employer or insurance company is attempting to return the injured worker to work when the injured worker is not able to return.

2. Correspond with the insurance company on behalf of the injured worker.

3. Arrange for transportation for the injured worker’s medical treatment when the injured worker is not able to drive due to injuries sustained in the work related accident.

4. Arrange for transportation for the injured worker to be paid for by the insurance company for travel to a medical examination requested by the insurance company.

5. Send a registered nurse as a representative of the injured worker with the injured worker to any independent medical examinations scheduled by the insurance company. The registered nurse will take detailed notes during the medical examination, go into the examining room with the injured worker and will provide the injured workers’ attorney with a detailed report setting forth what was said by all parties during the examination, detailing the tests performed by the doctor during the examination and timing the length of the history taking and of the examination itself. This information can later be used by the injured workers’ attorney in defending against the termination, suspension or modification of benefits.

6. Provide representation to the injured worker in proceedings assigned to the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Office of Adjudication.

7. When appropriate, seek a lump sum settlement for the injured worker.

8. Give the injured worker advice in connection with other benefits potentially available such as Social Security disability, disability retirement, long term disability or pension benefits.

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